About Us

Published on: Jan 18, 2024

What is skyfoliage?

It has been a while since the rise of social media and social networking services, and awareness regarding rights and handling of various data, such as user profiles and post data, continues to grow. As a result, there is a growing interest in transitioning from traditional centralized services to decentralized ones. Decentralized services, often referred to as the 'fediverse,' include prominent platforms like Mastodon, an SNS based on ActivityPub, and Bluesky, based on the At Protocol, which has gained traction since its independence from X (formerly Twitter), and they are experiencing an increase in their user base. Centralized social networking services operate by offering users free access while generating revenue for the operating companies through targeted advertising based on user data. However, such advertising often inundates users' timelines with unwanted posts and exposes them to accounts engaged in activities like bots and stealth marketing, deviating from the user's expected service experience. Furthermore, users frequently cede rights to data and content they post to the operating companies, which can hinder users' digital identity and actions in the created digital space. We are actively exploring and developing services with the aim of accelerating the user experience within the fediverse, addressing these key challenges. In particular, our primary focus is on user sovereignty over data utilization and facilitating spontaneous user conversations and dialogues. Our first step towards this involves leveraging blockchain technology to enable selective persistence of user data, granting users greater freedom in transferring ownership of their data. We believe that these initiatives will enhance the overall user experience.

To develop a service accessible to a broader audience, we have embarked on a collaboration between Bluesky Social and Mastodon, both prominent applications representing At Protocol and ActivityPub, respectively. We create an application that allows users to browse and post on both services with one application and integrate it with smart contracts, enabling users to tokenize their own posts as NFTs. Our projects are currently in the verification stage, with ongoing adjustments, modifications, and additional implementations planned to create a new fediverse experience.

Meaning of the icon design and service name We designed the service name and icon to represent user-generated content as foliage, symbolizing their freedom and sovereignty in the fediverse. The foliage is depicted freely dancing against a backdrop of the sky.