Notations are based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act in Japan

Published on: March 11, 2024

Business Name 1
Address Japan 1
Tel We do not provide support over the phone1
E-mail support[at]
Cancellation/Refound Except in cases where the data is corrupted due to the nature of the product or there is a critical defect in the product, returns (refunds) due to customer preferences are not accepted.
Application expiration date The validity period for applications will be x2 weeks from the initial inquiry. If contact cannot be established after the reply to the inquiry, the application will be considered canceled and invalidated at that time.
Price It will be displayed at the time of purchasing each item.
Payment period/method Credit cards only
Necessary expenses other than price nothing
Sales quantity limit no limit


  1. Please input the necessary details for a disclosure request and inquire via support email address. You need to change [at] to @ mark. Request Format is here 2 3

  2. Not selling now, this terms would be changed