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Last Updated: March 11, 2024

Welcome to skyfoliage.com. We provides a browser application1 to enrich your experience on Fediverse and web3. Our offerings includes both desktop and mobile applications, currently available as a PWA(Progressive Web App).

Through our serves, you can enjoy Bluesky, built on Authenticated Transfer Protocol(AT Protool), and explore Mastodon on ActivityPub. As you might be aware, Bluesky social is currently in its developmental stage, with several PDSs already operational. Mastodon has an uncountable number of instances. Therefore, it is a little hard to support all Fediverse PDSs/instances quickly. It's important to understand that our service is also in its developmental phase. Please note that while we diligently work on refining our service, there are still several bugs present. We offer our services and content "as is," without any warranties.

To use our service, you must adhere to the guidelines by each PDS and instance, in line with the distinctive nature of the Fediverse. It is worth noting that this requirement applies even though we do not offer PDSs/instances directly. This entails complying with their Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, intellectual property policy, and other relevant regulations.

We periodically update our terms, and by continuing to use our services, you implicitly agree to these updates. The key points that must be understood to enjoy Fediverse are as follows:

Who can use skyfoliage.com?

You must be at least 13 years old and meet the legal criteria to use our service in your country. We advise reviewing the rules of the PDSs/instances you wish to join.

User Content

The term "User Content" encompasses your profile, posts, photos, links, and actions, includes likes/favourites, bookmarks and pinned posts, and Non Fungible Tokens(NFTs). You are solely responsible for all these aspects. We utilize User Content to provide, develop, improve, and update our service. This includes promotional and marketing activities and personalizing advertisements. Although we do not serve PDSs/instances, we do not have control over User Content such like delete post data completely. Therefore, you assume complete responsibility for the content and any associated consequences.

Intellectual property

You must to pay attention to caution with regard to the intellectual property rights of others. The original author/creator may retain rights not only textual data content of your posts but also to the fonts and custom emojis you use whthin Fediverse. A spirit of mutual respect is encouraged. If necessary, you can follow the instructions of PDSs or instance owners to report any issues concerning the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Notice Regarding Blockchain-based Services (Work in Progress)

We are currently implementing a feature that allows users to mint their own posts as NFTs as part of a blockchain-based service for verification purposes. You need to understand that, due to the nature of blockchain, we do not assume any responsibility for its operation or for any transactions conducted through the blockchain. Users are responsible for all aspects upon utilization and are deemed to have understood and agreed to this.

Unauthorized access to your User Account by third parties may lead to the loss or theft of NFTs and/or funds held in your User Account, as well as in any linked accounts such as cryptocurrency wallets, bank accounts, and credit cards. It is important to note that you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the management and maintenance of the security of your User Account. You bear the responsibility for the security of your User Account.

The address of our smart contract and the functions it performs are as follows, and users consent to pay the associated fees, including gas fees on the blockchain, when utilizing it. This amount may be subject to change without prior notice, depending on market conditions.

Contract Address: 0xB5a184f20a8E09289A58Fd31cA69eEAe703cE9F5 on Polygon

By utilizing this smart contract, users have the ability to mint the content they have posted as NFTs and become the NFT owners. The plain text of the posted content, the attached images(not image file, but its link), and the associated Alt text are considered as metadata for the NFT. However, it is important to note that this metadata is stored using bundlr's (https://node2.bundlr.network) for the purpose of cost reduction and information preservation.

This NFT can be regarded as proof of payment for a certain amount of cost associated with the post. By attaching the transaction link to the post, it is used to enhance the credibility of the post information for viewing users. For regular users, it can also be used to turn messages, commemorative comments, and other sentiments to friends and loved ones into NFTs for enjoyment. The expansion of use cases and functionalities is currently under development and consideration. Please be aware that changes may occur to these data formats and related aspects without prior notice." This contract is a slightly modified version of Thirdweb's audited smart contract. However, it's important to note that this contract itself has not been audited.


Given our reliance on the open-source code of Bluesky Social, there is a possibility of utilizing certain data tracking features as well. We make efforts to handle personal data as minimally as possible, but there is a possibility of collecting personal information automatically when you use our services such like crash reports. Detailed information about the data we may collect can be found in Chapter 2 of the Bluesky Privacy Policy, titled "Automatically Collected Personal Information."

In conclusion, we hold deep appreciation for the collective effort that makes up the Fediverse, including the dedication of supporters, developers, creators, and you!

Contact Information

c/o support[at]2skyfoliage.com


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